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Tuesday, April 04, 2006 at 2:07 PM

He Takes Her Stress Away

The room was dark, lit only by candlelight. The aroma in the air was a mixture of pineapple candle wax and roses from the flowers scattered around the room. He knew she loved yellow and pink roses. As she looked around, she was over whelmed by the romantic atmosphere set by the man she professed her love to.

There was no one home. To relax herself she jumped into the shower; allowing the hot water to drown away the stress of the day and totally relax her. "Where are you?" she wondered. He said he would be home by the time she got there.

She got out the shower to dry off when she noticed a note. That's funny; that note wasn't there before she got in the shower. She was sure of it. She didn't hear anyone enter the bathroom.

She opened the note:

'I know you had a rough day today sexy; so I want you to relax in our bed, and wear nothing but your favorite perfume. Close your eyes and I'll be right there.'

"Ok." She followed the instructions in the note and began to daydream about her boyfriend. "Don't open your eyes sexy. Just lie there and relax. Promise me you won't open your eyes", he said.

"I promise I won't."

She felt his hands on her feet, then on her legs rubbing and soothing away the pain and stress of the day. Then she felt his mouth kiss the most sensitive place on her body and took a deep breath.

"Remember don't open your eyes," he said and began to work his magic with his lips and tongue.

She began to lose herself as he brought her closer and closer. "Cum for me baby. Let go for me."

As he said this her whole world exploded. She cried out his name. He continued to kiss her special lips until she could take no more, climbing the walls and cumming again. He then flipped her over and whispered in her ear, "You taste so good. I love it when you come for me like that."

Before she could catch her breath he entered her with such force it made her shudder. At first he drove slow but hard. She couldn't take it anymore. "Baby please!" she cried.

"What. Tell me what you want."

At first she wouldn't, no, she couldn't, respond. He pumped her harder; "Tell me sexy, what do you want?"

"You! Baby I want you! Now!" He flipped her over and put her legs up in the air. "Hold them for me and don't let go."

He made her cum again and again, as his pace became faster and he took it deeper, bringing her close to the edge and then leaving her there, then eating her out until she came. He began to make love to her again. "That's right sexy, cum for me again."

At last it was finally his turn to cum. He turned her over and slid into the tightest hole he could find, and after five hard strokes he released himself and called her name, saying that he loved her.

And they fell on the bed in each other’s arms.

He took her stress away!

Written by SnCrt9


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